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Canadian Government Study in Canada Scholarships

Last updated: Mar 5, 2024

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Target: International Students,

Award Value: Varying funding,

Host Institution: HEIs in Canada


March Yearly

Canadian Government Study in Canada Scholarships

The Government of Canada is pleased to announce the Study in Canada Scholarships for international students. The scholarship is open to all students of post-secondary education (undergraduate, master’s, and PhD).

Study in Canada Scholarships aim to increase opportunities for Canadian post-secondary institutions to welcome international students from a wide range of countries and territories on short-term exchanges for study or research. Applications are currently being received until the March deadline.

Scholarship Description

The Study in Canada Scholarships provide students from post-secondary institutions located in the new eligible countries/territories with short-term exchange opportunities for study or research in Canadian post-secondary institutions at the college, undergraduate, and graduate levels.

This student exchange program replaces the full-degree-based Study in Canada Scholarships program piloted in 2020. At least 50 scholarships will be awarded in the next competition, with the number increasing each year.

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Award Value

Scholarship values vary depending on the duration and level of study:

  • CAD 10,200 for college, undergraduate, or graduate students (Master’s and PhD) for a minimum of four months or one academic term of study or research; or
  • CAD 12,700 for graduate students (Master’s and PhD) for a period of five to six months of study or research.

Level and Area of Studies

Undergraduate, master’s, or PhD programmes in all subjects.

Place of Study

Canadian institutions of higher learning which are partner institutions.

Eligibility and Criteria

Candidates for the Study in Canada Scholarships must be:

  • citizens of one of the following eligible countries/territories:
    • Asia: Bangladesh, Nepal, Taiwan;
    • Europe: Turkey, Ukraine;
    • Middle East and North Africa: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia;
    • Sub-Saharan Africa: Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda; and
  • enrolled as a full-time student at a post-secondary institution in an eligible country/territory and paying tuition fees to that institution at the time of application and for the full duration of the exchange.

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Application Instructions

All applications for the Canadian Government Study in Canada Scholarships are submitted by the Canadian institution on behalf of candidates. Canadian institutions are encouraged to carefully read the instructions before beginning the online application. Candidates interested in this scholarship program should:

  • make their interest known to their home institution;
  • find out if there is an existing institutional collaboration or exchange agreement between their home institution and a Canadian institution;
  • request information from their home institution about the application process and selection criteria specific to the Canadian partner institution; and
  • ensure they meet the eligibility requirements.

Submission Deadline

March each year.

Website and Application Link


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