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International Monetary Fund (IMF) Economist Program

Last updated: Sep 19, 2023

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Target: Young Economists,

Award Value: Fully Funded,

Host Institution: IMF


September Yearly

IMF Economist Program (EP) 2023The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is welcoming applications for this year’s Economist Program (EP) enrolment open to young Economists and applicants from all its member countries. Eligible applicants should be recent PhD graduates or finalizing PhD student in Economics, finance or related areas. If you are ready to join in influencing economic thoughts while you learn to address global economic challenges, then apply now!

Program Details

Join the IMF Economist Program (EP) 2023 to jump-start your career by getting hands-on exposure to a cross-section of IMF work and an opportunity to apply your research and analytical skills directly to essential policy work which impacts IMF’s 190 member countries. We are looking for young economists who want to have influence on the global stage and who can bring the latest in economic thought and multidisciplinary approaches to help us address key global economic challenges, such as fostering global monetary cooperation, securing financial stability, boosting international trade, promoting employment and sustainable economic growth, and reducing poverty.


By the end of the IMF Economist Program (EP), you will be as excited by IMF’s work as you may choose to remain and build a long-term career as an IMF economist.

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What To Expect

The EP offers you a well-rounded experience of the IMF’s work and provides a unique foundation for a thought-provoking and fulfilling career as an economist. During the three-year program, you will rotate through two departmental assignments, joining economic teams working in regional and country-specific surveillance as well as in fiscal, monetary, balance of payments, debt, or related issues. This is not a trainee position and from the start you will be given real work and real responsibilities as an IMF economist. This could include policy development, country or regional operational work, research, and capacity development and teaching.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to apply for this IMF Economist Program (EP), you will need to be:

  • A recent PhD graduate or be within one year of completing your PhD in a relevant field of study.
  • A national of one of our IMF member countries.
  • Under age 34 when you join the IMF EP program

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Application Procedure

How to Apply: The application process of the IMF Economist Program (EP) opens annually in late September, with a notice on the IMF Career Site. Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed between October of the application year and January following, with offers made in early February. The selection process consists of multiple stages, which may run in parallel to one another.

Please reference the four key stages of the application process and the Frequently Asked Questions on the official application website before you apply.

Website and Application Link


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