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Google EMEA Legal Summer Institute

Last updated: Jun 9, 2023

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Target: International Participants,

Award Value: Not Stated,

Host Institution: Google/Partners


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Google EMEA Legal Summer InstituteGoogle EMEA Legal Summer Institute is a program put together by the Legal Summer Institute (LSI) to provide a unique experience to law school students who are underrepresented in the legal field to spend time of internship with one of the LSI partner law firms and gain experience of what it is like to work in private practice. Students during this one week internship with Google (remotely and/or in-person depending on the location) will be attending presentations and career development workshops, building their network and gaining insights into life as an in-house lawyer at a global technology company.

Program Description

The Google week of the EMEA Legal Summer Institute will take place from Monday 28th August to 1st September 2023. The dates for the week(s) at our partner law firms will vary across EMEA depending on the law firm.

There will also be an opportunity for LSI students to participate in a six month mentorship scheme and be mentored by a Google lawyer. LSI aims to improve access to in-house careers at tech companies by expanding opportunities and removing barriers for talent underrepresented in the legal industry.

LSI students are a diverse group of students with interests across all legal practice areas. We consider students who are attending (or have attended) law schools in EMEA. Students who identify with a group that is underrepresented in the legal profession industry are especially encouraged to apply.

Google EMEA Legal Summer Institute Objectives

LSI measures success through four objectives:

  1. Providing students with work experience with one of our partner law firms.
  2. Providing early exposure to in-house careers at Google for students underrepresented in the legal field.
  3. Sharing information across the corporate sector regarding best practices to develop a legal internship program that prioritizes underrepresented talent.
  4. Improving diversity within law firms, especially Google’s outside counsel.
  5. LSI students will learn more about the different opportunities and possible career paths within Law.
  6. They will also participate in some interactive and practical workshops (e.g. interview and CV skills).

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Law Firm Participation:

The EMEA Legal Summer Institute is a paid opportunity and all participating partner firms are deeply committed to contribute to making this experience for LSI students as similar as their other paid vacation schemes.

There are no specific requirements regarding students’ law firm work assignments, however we recommend that assignments provide a good balance of quality and quantity and contain substance and variety.

Office placement location will be at the discretion of the law firm and the student.


LSI offers access to an optional six-month mentorship program which connects LSI students with and a mentor who will be a more experienced Google lawyer or legal professional. The mentor is an unbiased resource, untied to the student’s work, who will aid in the student’s personal and professional development by sharing their advice and guidance on a confidential 1:1 basis with the mentee.


The LSI team facilitates candid conversations with top legal leaders throughout their week at Google. Past speakers include Yoram Elkaïm, EMEA Legal Lead, various members of the EMEA legal team (including Head of Regions, Privacy, Competition, Copyright) and the broader global and policy teams.

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for Google EMEA Legal Summer Institute, students must:

  • Have work authorization in the country of internship.
  • Be a law student and would like to or is considering entering the legal profession.
  • Demonstrate academic excellence.
  • Provide resume.
  • Be comfortable working in the English language as the Google week will be held in English

Students who identify with a group that is underrepresented in the legal profession are especially encouraged to apply.

Eligibility Locations

Belgium, Egypt, France, Germany, Ghana, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Netherlands, Nigeria, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom

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Application Procedure

How to apply for the Google EMEA Legal Summer Institute: For Belgium, Germany, Ghana, Kenya, Netherlands, Nigeria, South Africa, UK: Please apply by completing this application form. For other locations, please refer to your law firm/point of contact.

Dates & Locations

The LSI week at Google takes place w/c 28th August 2023. The dates for the week(s) at the partner law firms will vary across EMEA (subject to change):

  • Belgium: 1-25 August
  • Egypt: TBC
  • France: TBC
  • Germany: Flexible (both dates and duration)
  • Ghana: TBC
  • Ireland: 5-30 June or 3-28 July
  • Israel: 3-22 September
  • Italy: 4-22 September
  • Kenya: TBC
  • Netherlands: Flexible (both dates and duration)
  • Nigeria: TBC
  • Portugal: July 31 – August 25
  • South Africa: TBC
  • Spain: TBC
  • Switzerland: 2 August – 12 September (Homburger); 15 August – 15 * September (Kasser Schlosser)
  • United Kingdom: 21-25 August


One week of the Google EMEA Legal Summer Institute program is hosted by Google across EMEA. Besides this week, students will carry out their work experience with one of our partner law firms located throughout EMEA.

Application Deadline: June 11.

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