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Australian Government Research Training Program (AGRTP) Stipend Scholarship

Last updated: Sep 9, 2022

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Target: Domestic & International Students,

Award Value: up to $36,652 per annum,

Host Institution: Australian National University



The Australian Government Research Training Program (AGRTP) Stipend Scholarship is one scholarship program specially packaged for international and domestic students seeking to undertake Higher Degree Research programs in the Australian universities. These scholarships are automatically available to any of such students without additional applications. The Australian National University, ANU as one of those institutions, runs three rounds of this scholarship annually with deadlines in August, October and April. Successful awardees receive up to $36,652 per annum for three years.

Scholarship Description

Each year the Commonwealth Department of Education and Training provides funding to universities to award scholarships to domestic and international students undertaking Higher Degree Research programs.

ANU currently conducts two annual central scholarship rounds which includes the AGRTP, the University Research Scholarship and a few other centrally managed scholarships.

  • Round 1 is split into two parts, one for international candidates and one for domestic candidates with separate deadlines (31 August for international candidates and 31 October for domestic candidates each year). Round 1 is for commencements from the following year (January through to the end of March), however current candidates who recently commenced (enrolled typically for less than a year full-time equivalent) can also be considered.
  • Round 2 has a deadline of 15 April and is typically a smaller round with commencement or take up of the scholarship up to the end of August of the same year.

When completing admission application for a HDR program students need to select scholarships of interest to be considered for including the AGRTP. There is no separate application form except for current candidates.

 Benefits | AGRTP Stipend Scholarship

  • Stipend scholarship is for three years, with the possibility of:
    • Six month standard extension; and
    • Another six month extension if the reason for request falls within the additional eligibility criteria under Item 15. Period of Support, of the AGRTP Procedure.
  • Travel and removal allowances for students relocating to Canberra to commence their research program.
  • Thesis allowance.
  • Dependant child allowance (International students only).
  • Paid medical, maternity and parental leave.
  • Suspension of Scholarship.

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Level and Area of Study

Higher Degree by Research in various disciplines.

Place of Study

The Australian National University.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The Commonwealth Scholarship Guidelines (Research) 2017 set the basis for the conditions of award and outline the basic eligibility requirements for the Stipend Scholarship.
  • The ANU also has established an RTP Policy & Procedure which outlines the standards, processes and conditions for this scholarship – available from the reference document section on the official page.

Selection Criteria

Candidates are ranked and scholarships awarded based on a competitive ranking process to the top ranked candidates, subject to merit-based criteria, space and resources available, in an area of research that is aligned with ANU research strategy.

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Commencing students:  No application is required specifically for this AGRTP Stipend Scholarship as all eligible candidates are automatically considered. Note to ensure you are considered please ensure you select the appropriate boxes in the admissions application form to note that you are interested in being considered for any available scholarships.

Continuing students:  Please complete and return the “Request for a Current ANU Student to be Considered for a HDR Scholarship” form to your Academic College.

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