Scholarship for Student Activists by Secular Student Alliance

  • Target: Students of the United States
  • Benefits: Up to $3,000
  • Level and Discipline: High school and college level in all disciplines
  • Host Institution: Not specified
  • Deadline: Expired 1302 days ago

Secular Student Alliance is pleased to invite the Secular Student Alliance Scholarship Program. The scholarship is exclusively open to students activists who are currently enrolled full-time at a high school, college, or university in the United States.

Award Value
The winner will receive up to $3,000.

Level and Area of Studies
High school and college level in all disciplines.

Place of Study
In the United states of America.

Eligibility and Criteria

  • currently enrolled full-time at a high school, college, or university in the United States.
  • an active member of your campus SSA or are you a student member of SSA National.
  • been active in promoting secularism, the separation of church and state, and giving a positive face to atheism or humanism in the community.

Applicants’ Nationality
Only the U.S. citizens are welcome to apply.

Application Instruction

  • Tell us about yourself: what is your educational background and what are your educational, career and life goals?
  • What is your secular identity, how did you come to it, and how do you expect this identity to effect the rest of your life?
  • Why is the work of the SSA important to you?
  • What kind of secular activism have you participated in (on or of campus)? Describe your involvement in this activism in detail. This should not be a list. Tell us the details, including stories, about your activist work. If this activism was part of a group effort, describe your part in making it happen.
  • Describe your involvement (or plans to be involved) in intersectional activism? (Intersectional activism is activism in which your secular identity and values come to bear upon causes that aren’t centered on secularism, as such. Examples include activism for racial justice, feminism, interfaith action, environmentalism, and LGBTQ equality vis-à-vis your secular identity).
  • What activism plans do you have for this academic year? Please be as specific as possible.
  • What are your goals related to the Secular Student Alliance Mission and Vision for a more secular and humanistic future?
  • How will this scholarship help you reach your goals?

Submission Deadline
31 August 2019.

Website and Application Link


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