HIAS Chicago Scholarship Program

The HIAS Chicago Scholarship Program is now open. This program is only open to students identified as Jewish who already lived in the United States for a minimum of 2 years. Financial needs and academic performance will also be taken into consideration during the selection. Three categories of scholarships available; Undergraduate, graduate and Purdue Scholars Award.

Scholarship Description
Since 1991, through the generosity of HIAS Chicago’s friends and supporters, HIAS Chicago has been fortunate to be able to provide academic scholarships to an extremely impressive group of individuals who immigrated or whose family immigrated to the Chicago area with the assistance of HIAS Chicago, or who accessed HIAS Chicago’s immigration and citizenship services once in the United States.

These undergraduate and graduate scholarships include: the Benton-Bernstein Scholarship for those entering the helping professions; the Tilly Warshaw Scholarship for high school graduates; the Max and Anna Warshofsky Scholarship; the Michael Polsky Family Scholarship Funds for high school graduates and career enhancement; the Ruth Schultz Memorial Scholarship Fund; the Bernard Gordon Memorial Scholarship Fund; and funds contributed in loving memory of Beatrice Nessenson.

Award Value
The winner will be awarded $5,000.

Level and Area of Studies
Undergraduate and graduate degree in any discipline.

Place of Study
The study will be taken the United States.

Eligibility and Criteria

  • An individual who came to the United States with the assistance of HIAS Chicago; OR
  • A U.S.-born child or grandchild of someone who immigrated to the United States with the assistance of HIAS Chicago; OR
  • Someone who applied, or whose family applied, for Permanent Residency (i.e. a “Green Card”) or citizenship with the assistance of HIAS Chicago.
  • Identify as Jewish;
  • Have lived in the United States for a minimum of 2 years;
  • Demonstrate academic excellence, financial need, community service to the Jewish and broader communities, and a well-thought out educational plan;
  • Plan to begin or continue undergraduate or graduate level education on a full-time basis in a four year college or university in the 2019-2020 academic year.

Applicants’ Nationality
The citizens of the United States are invited to apply.

Application Instruction
To apply, you are required to provide the materials as follow:

  • Responses to three essay questions on topics including volunteerism, Jewish community engagement, and your/your family’s immigration history;
  • A school transcript that includes your most current GPA (Grade Point Average);
  • Information on your/your family’s finances, including projections about costs, expenses and debts associated with study.
  • A copy of your or your family’s most recent tax return or an explanation of why your family was not required to file income taxes. (NOTE: If you are financially dependent upon your parents, please submit a copy of your parents’ tax return. If you are financially independent, only your tax return is required).

Submission Deadline
1 February 2019.

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