FAOU Summer Internship and Ambassadorship Programs

  • Target: Citizens of all countries.
  • Award Value: Certificate of Internship.
  • Level and Discipline: Non-degree in Education, Social and Humanitarian studies, IT and Digital Technology, Marketing, Communication and Public Relation.
  • Host Institution: Online.
  • Deadline: June 21.

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MAXQDA Research Grants For Earlier Career Scientists

  • Target: Citizens of all countries.
  • Award Value: Up to $1,650
  • Level and Discipline: Undergraduate and Postgraduate in Politics, Health and Environment, Social and Economic Development, Human Rights or other related areas.
  • Host Institution: Any recognized Institution of Study.
  • Deadline: July 15.

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Rotary Global Grants Scholarship Program

  • Target: Citizens of all countries.
  • Award Value: Full funding, plus stipends of $30,000.
  • Level and Discipline: Postgraduate in Health, Environment, Education, Social and Economic studies.
  • Host Institution: Any University in Rotary-based Country.
  • Deadline: Rolling.

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Kellogg Institute Fellowship in USA

  • Target: All nationalities
  • Benefits: Fully-funded award
  • Level and Discipline: Research program in democracy and human development – related studies
  • Host Institution: Any institution – USA
  • Deadline: 1 October each year

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World Bank Global Internship Program (GIP)

  • Target: Innovative Young people.
  • Award Value: Fully-funded.
  • Level and Discipline: Master’s degree in any discipline.
  • Host Institutions: IFC, World Bank Group, Washington, D.C. or in one of IFC’s country or regional offices.
  • Deadline: March 21
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